ST. ALBANS, WV (WOWK) — It was a hot Memorial Day and that means it was time for many people to take the plunge into their local pools. St. Albans City Pool was packed with people looking for a fun way to cool off.

With so many swimmers in the pool, lifeguards had to keep a watchful eye. The pool managers said lifeguards are trained to be proactive and try to prevent accidents when they can.

“They work the top of the water to identify swimmers that may be doing things that are above their ability level and swimmers that are not being monitored by adults,” said Pool Manager Tank Scarbro.

He said parents can also help keep kids safe.

“You know you should be able to apply restrictions to your child about where they can go and where they can’t go,” Scarbro said. “You should help us. If your child is a total non-swimmer and can’t swim, you should be at arms reach with them at all times, and then if the lifeguard applies restrictions to your child, you need to help us reinforce those.”

Meanwhile, kids had safety tips of their own that they say people should keep in mind for everyone to have a fun and safe summer.

Another suggestion from Scarbro is for parents to sign kids up for swimming lessons if their child needs extra help being comfortable swimming.