IRONTON, OH (WOWK) – The Ironton Police Department is investigating reports of three separate fraud, scam and theft crimes and is now asking anyone who believes they have been a victim of a similar crime to come foreward.

According to Ironton Police Chief Pamela Wagner, police received a report of large purchases being made by someone other than the credit card holder. In the second incident, checks were stolen from a local business and cashed out-of-state, police say.

The third incident was a report that an elderly resident had been instructed to obtain several credit cards for wire transfers and mail a large amount of cash. Police say the cash was intercepted by the United States Postal Service.

The IPD is urging residents to take the security of their personal information seriously, and asks anyone who thinks they may have been a victim or target in a similar crime to contact the department’s detective division at 740-532-5606.