SCIOTO COUNTY, OH (WOWK) – Scioto County engineer officials spent Wednesday repairing Duck Run Road after a brush fire caused thousands of dollars worth of damages.

Officials had to replace multiple culverts under the road that were burned by the fires.

“We got plastic culverts running under the road and it caught them on fire and burned them out and for safety reasons we have to dig them out and replace them,” said Ray Mills, the supervisor for the Scioto County Engineer’s Office.

And after Tuesday’s brush fire was put out by fire officials, residents in the area say they’re a bit more at ease.

“It’s scary to have to think what to take and what not to take, when to leave and when to stay. I kept expecting someone to come and say, ‘you have to evacuate,” but no one did thank God. He kept us safe,” explained resident, Cassondra Ingles.

Now the national weather service has released a warning regarding the increased fire danger.

That warning is for Northeast Kentucky, Southeast Ohio, and most of West Virginia.

They say dry conditions, low humidity, and 10-20mph winds are expected Wednesday – which increases fire risk.

Here’s a specific list of the locations affected.