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GRAYSON, Ky. (WOWK) — U.S Senator Rand Paul is taking a tour of Kentucky this week, and one of his stops was in Grayson, Kentucky on Monday, October 7, 2019, at the FIVCO Area Development District.

Senator Paul said he likes to check in with local leaders to discuss how decisions being made in the Nation’s Capitol are impacting their lives and to see if there is anything he can do to help. From the start Paul said he believes the economic policies being made in Washington D.C. are having a positive effect on the local economy.

“We have people saying, ‘corporations are evil. The rich have too much money, and the rich are getting richer’. Yes the rich are getting richer and so are the middle class and the poor”.

Paul also said he thinks Kentucky is doing very well, and he thinks the country is doing well.

“We currently have the lowest unemployment in my lifetime. . . and the main complaint I’m hearing is people can’t find enough workers. Its kind of a good problem to have”.

Early on in the meeting some local leaders asked for the senator’s help with lessening federal EPA regulations in their area.

AK Steel’s Ashland Works facility in Ashland will be closing its doors at the end of the year, costing the area 260 jobs.

The mayor of Ashland said they have plans to purchase the property and turn it into an industrial site to bring jobs and businesses into the community, but he said EPA oversight and regulations might drive business away.

“If Washington will help to turn it over to home rule, and let our state EPA oversee us,” said Mayor Stephen Gilmore.

The senator told the mayor he is a proponent of small government, and he would like to see what he can do.

“I have always been a believer the more local the control, and do you think anyone here cares less about the water, less about the environment. You guys are going to care. . . you live here,” said Paul.

During the meeting there was also a question asked about if there is any movement in the federal government to sinking more money into the local communities to help with aging infrastructure issues.

Sen. Paul said he has just introduced a bill called “The Penny Plan for Infrastructure”.

“It will build some significant things . . . the funds come from the rest of the government saving 1 -percent of their budget. I promise you everyone of them could save 1-percent”.

To piggyback off of his call to end wasteful government spending, Paul said he is in favor of U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to pull troops out of Syria, and he believes the money invested overseas would be better spent in the U.S. building up communities.  

“Same with Afghanistan. . . we have been their 19 years, and we are spending $51 billion a year. Meanwhile, we have some roads and things we have to fix in our country”.

Paul also voiced frustration with some people in his own party and their opposition of the president’s new foreign policy for Syria.

“Anytime he (Trump) says something about that and I support him all the neo-conservative hawks come out and say we need to fight them over there. . . well where is over there? Afghanistan, Libya, the Sudan, Mali? We have troops in 50 of 54 African countries right now”.

The senator also said jokingly the U.S brings in $3 trillion in taxes and spends $4 trillion, but overall he believes the country is heading in the right direction, and he thinks Kentucky’s future looks bright.

As far as the impeachment inquiry in Washington D.C. goes, Senator Paul told WOWK 13 News he thinks Democrats may vote for impeachment but the Republicans will vote no, and there will be an election next year, and the voters will get to decide.

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