SUMMERSVILLE, WV (WOWK) – Four people were hurt during a freak accident Friday night in Summersville.

It happened at the Nicholas County Potato Festival during the Firemen’s Parade.

Summersville Mayor Robert Shafer said two queens and the mother of another queen were riding on a ladder truck.

Because of an unrelated ambulance call, the fire truck had to take a detour down a side street with low hanging phone lines.

He said the lines clipped the girls on the truck, but no one fell off.

Mayor Shafer said a fireman, who was a passenger in the truck, then suffered a medical episode.

Nicholas County Commissioner Garrett Cole said all four were taken to Summersville Regional Medical Center in stable condition.

Shafer said as of 11 p.m., the three girls have been released from the hospital.

He said the fireman is still in the hospital in stable condition.