SISSONVILLE, WV (WOWK) – Students and staff at Sissonville High School are working through cold conditions with part of the building having no heat.

The school has about 60 classrooms, and five of them do not have any heat right now. Sissonville High School Principal Gene Smith says they’ve made arrangements to keep the students comfortable and that crews have gone out of their way to get the heating system repaired.

“The part that they needed I guess was an obsolete part or part that they didn’t make anymore because the system is so outdated. The county drove up to Ohio to drop the part off to have it rebuilt, and they’re going back to pick it up,” Smith said.

In the meantime, students have been moved to other areas of the building.

“You’re more focused on being cold than doing schoolwork or everyone is just talking about it,” Kirsten Tolley, a student at Sissonville High School said.

Tolley says the heating issues started earlier this week.

“The commons is pretty cold and the freshman hallway is cold,” she said.

Smith says the needs of the students always come first to make sure they’re comfortable and safe.

“We have room when teachers are on prep or gymnasiums, auditoriums, cafeteria. We have common areas and other places that we can move kids to make sure they’re comfortable and safe,” Smith said. “If it got to the point to where they weren’t, we would take steps to shut down, but their safety is number one priority, but we feel we still put forth a good educational day.”

Crews are hoping to have the heating system part back by tomorrow.