LAWRENCE COUNTY, OH (WOWK) – In southeast Ohio, hundreds of Buckeye Rural Electric customers are still without power and many are in rural areas.

Power crews were dispatched to several areas in Lawrence County Monday dealing with outages caused by the back-to-back storms less than two weeks ago. Many of these customers have been without power since the first storm hit.

Kitts Hill, Ohio resident Tabitha Caudill says her family has been stressed since their power first went out. When they heard the estimated restoration time, they knew they were in for the long haul.

We were hearing up to three weeks, but I was hoping that wasn’t the case.

Tabitha Caudill, Kitts Hill resident

Caudill says through all their struggles they were determined to wait it out, but now their wait is over. Their power was restored early Monday evening around 5:30 p.m.

The aftermath of the storm is not only causing power outages, but also hazardous road conditions. Ohio Department of Transportation spokesman Matt Mcguire says the roads may look clear now, but there could be more problems ahead.

You still want to have a heads up as the ice is melting, that can have additional impact. Those are definitely kind of the things that we’re looking to address with our crews in the coming days.

Matt Mcguire, ODOT, District 9

Many of the residents say while this whole situation hasn’t been easy, they’re grateful for all the crews who worked to get their lives back to normal.

Power crews will be continuing their work to restore outages, while ODOT crews continue to keep the roads clear throughout the week.