HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – Workers at the Special Metals plant in Huntington, West Virginia have been on strike since October and still have not reached an agreement with the company.

On Saturday, in an effort to keep morale up and to show their support, the USW Local 719 out of Ashland, Kentucky provided a hot meal for those on the picket line. Inside the union hall in Huntington, workers and their families gathered to fellowship with union members across state lines.

While the support from the community has been helpful in ensuring these men and women are properly taken care of, an agreement with special metals has not been met.

USW Local 40 president Chad Thompson says they are set to meet in mid-December.

We don’t go back to meet with the company until December 14th and 15th. We met with them on November third, exchanged some proposals back and forth. There weren’t any big movements. We weren’t able to get it settled, but yeah, there’s not been a lot of communication since then.

Chad Thompson, USW Local 40 president

The Ashland chapter also purchased 400 hams and has collected nearly $15,000 to be shared among those picketing.