HUNTINGTON, WV. (WOWK) – Tensions remain high as Special Metals workers reach a new milestone in their strike. They’ve now been on the picket lines for 150 days.

“We’ve got 450 people inside the tri-state area right now,” said Special Metals striker, Sequoyah Redman. “450 families that are completely and utterly out of money.”

Despite the challenges, Special Metals workers on strike say they are in this for the long haul.

“Things get tougher, but we’re still here,” said Special Metals striker, Lonnie Creddock. “We’re still out here. We’ve got plenty of support. You hear all those horns? That’s what makes you feel good, that’s what keeps you going.”

Those on the picket lines say they are willing to do whatever it takes to get what they believe is a fair contract. They want better wages, affordable insurance, and safer working conditions.

“Coming up on 5 months, I mean it’s a lot better than what I thought it would be,” said Special Metals striker, Shannon Ramey. “I figured a lot of people would just quit showing up or forgot about this place, but they’re staying strong and I’m proud to stand with these guys and stay out here as long as it takes.”

These workers going months without an income said they aren’t the only ones being impacted, saying the greater Huntington community’s economy is taking a hit.

“You’ve got 450 families that used to take their family out to eat somedays throughout the week, sometimes the whole week,” said Redman. “That used to go ahead and stimulate this economy, and guess what? We’re not stimulating this economy by merely being out here not getting paid since October all the way to now.”

While their currently at a standstill with the company, they still have hope.

“Hopefully it won’t be very much longer,” said Creddock. “But, we’ll be here one day longer and if that don’t work it’ll be another day longer. We’re not giving up.”

Union representatives said right now there is no date scheduled to go back to the negotiation tables. We reached out to the company but didn’t hear back.