ST.ALBANS, WV (WOWK) A St. Albans baker had an idea to help the family of KJ Taylor by selling cupcakes. It is an idea the community is getting behind.

Keith Artis didn’t know KJ Taylor, but his death made an impact.

I felt like it is a tragedy that we all can empathize and sympathize with and we just really need to come together in a moment like this,” Artis said.

So when he heard about the chance to buy some cupcakes and help Taylor’s family he made the trip to St. Albans to do what he could.

Lil’ Bit of Heaven Cupcakes owner Teri Blevins wanted to help the community channel their emotions in a positive direction.

“We can’t take away the loss of KJ and we can’t lessen that pain,” Blevins said. “But what we can do is use our powers for good.”

She’s doing that by making cupcakes in his school colors and donating half of the cost of each one to Taylor’s family.

“There is so much grief and so much loss and anger and all of those negative feelings and my parents raised me that we are all just here to walk each other through,” Blevins said.

Part of that is giving people a way to help the family of a stranger whose death to gun violence a month before he was set to graduate high school has struck a chord.

“You get a lot of people together and they are all wanting to do something wonderful from the heart and what a difference it makes,” Blevins said. “That is all we are doing. We are just a facilitator.”

This effort started Friday. But they’ll have the blue cupcakes in the case Saturday too. After that Blevins said she’ll continue to take special orders for the KJ cupcakes through the month of April, giving the family 50% of all sales of those particular cupcakes.