KANAWHA COUNTY, WV (WOWK) — There’s been a great deal of talk on social media about whether or not students in Kanawha County will be in class early next week or doing remote learning.

The superintendent said they were just trying to give parents a heads-up about some possible challenges.

Kanawha County Schools Superintendent Dr. Tom Williams said it all comes down mostly to staffing shortages throughout the school system.

“We plan on having school in person, all next week, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday,” Williams said. He said the notification issued to parents was just to let them know that some students may have to do remote learning if there isn’t enough personnel at a particular school.

With 24 bus driver vacancies in the county and shortages in numerous other areas he said having one or two people out would be a major problem.

“We have vacancies in our teaching staff, difficulty finding aides for the classroom, custodians, cooks it is just a shortage of personnel and so if just a few people call in it could cause some issues,” Williams said.

Besides the staffing challenges, Williams said the existing school calendar is a factor. Typically school is out the entire week of Thanksgiving. Since there’s no way to predict staffing next week he says all he can do is prepare.

“I won’t know until possibly Monday morning, Tuesday morning, Wednesday morning who has called in sick or won’t be showing up that day,” Williams said.

This Thursday, a discussion about the calendar for the next school year is on the agenda. Williams said some members of the community have said they’d like to go back to the version of the calendar that closes school the entire week of Thanksgiving.