CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — In a study by WalletHub, West Virginia is in the bottom 10 states, including the District of Columbia, of 2022’s best and worst states to have a baby.

The study says this is based on four categories: cost, health care, baby-friendliness and family-friendliness.

West Virginia is number 43 overall, beating out Oklahoma, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and South Carolina.

West Virginia is rated the lowest for “baby-friendliness.” Cost is at number 16, health care is at 36 and family-friendliness is at 45.

The top 10, in order, are Massachusetts, Vermont, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut, North Dakota, Washington, Iowa and Utah.

West Virginia has one of the highest infant mortality rates. The only state with a higher rate is Mississippi. The lowest include Vermont, California, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York. South Dakota, Arkansas, Louisiana, West Virginia and Mississippi have the highest rates.

According to the study, West Virginia is number 47 in “Pediatricians & Family Medicine Physicians per Capita”. Washington, Utah, Kansas and Louisiana are lower. West Virginia, Nevada and Utah have the fewest child-care centers per capita.

The study says West Virginia has one of the lowest hospital Cesarean-delivery (C-section) charges. Maryland, New Hampshire and North Dakota have lower costs and West Virginia beats out Utah for the number four spot.

The lowest four are a tie, according to the survey. The states include New Jersey, Nevada, California and Florida.

The lowest cost for “Hospital Conventional-Delivery Charges” include North Dakota, New Hampshire, Maryland, Nebraska and Vermont. The highest cost is a tie that includes New Jersey, California, New York, Florida and Nevada.