JACKSON COUNTY, WV (WOWK) – A teenager who officials credit with preventing a tragedy was honored Tuesday night at a Jackson County School Board Meeting.

Grant Parsons, a tenth grader at Ripley high school tells 13 News that on the morning of April 6 he noticed two brothers fighting on the school bus.

Parsons says one of the boys pulled out a gun.

“I asked him if it was real,” Parsons explained when he saw the teen get the gun out. Parsons went on to say, “and then he was loading it. Said he was going to ‘get his way out of trouble.’ Took the magazine from him, turned it in.”

Parsons added, “I’ve been around guns my whole life, knew the bus wasn’t the right place for it. Had to do something to get rid of it.”

Tuesday night at the Jackson County Board of Education meeting Parsons was honored by the school board, the superintendent, and the West Virginia Sheriff’s Association.

“Anything we say or do today is only a token of the gratitude we have for your actions of that day,” Superintendent Blaine Hess told Parsons.

The teens Parsons saw arguing that morning are both facing charges in the incident, according to the Jackson County Sheriff Ross Mellinger. Mellinger said that the teen who had the gun also had an intended target at Ripley Middle School.

Mellinger commended Grant for being able to handle himself under pressure.

“We are very impressed with his swift action,” WV Sheriff’s Association President Rodney Miller said.

Mellinger also commended the Jackson County Board of Education for making sure that students knew what to do in situations such as the one that unfolded that morning.