HUNTINGTON, WV. (WOWK) – As the temperatures continue to drop, those who are most vulnerable and without homes are in need of a place to go.

“With these temperatures, you go from being very uncomfortable and cold to potentially dying,” said Huntington City Mission Executive Director, Mitchell Webb.

Huntington City Mission is open all 365 days of the year, providing meals and shelter to those in need.

Normally as the brutal winter temperatures hit the area, they would open their lobbies as a warming center. However, with COVID they’ve had to get creative in their outreach, turning their chapel into an overnight warming center.

Webb said it holds 21 cots and it fills up every night to the point where some people have to sleep on the floor.

One woman who slept at the chapel said she is battling the elements on the streets.

“It’s freezing,” said Laverne McLaurin. “This is winter. There’s snow on the ground. It’s 18 degrees and below. You’re stuck all day on the street looking stupid.”

Webb said they will keep the chapel warming shelter is open from 4 p.m. to 7 a.m. The shelter will remain open for those in need through May when the temperatures start warming up.

Those in need of shelter during the day can go to First Steps and Harmony House.