ALDERSON, WV (WVNS)–If you’re lighting fireworks or grilling out this weekend, make sure you’re staying safe.

An estimated 11,500 Americans were hospitalized with fireworks-related injuries in 2021.

Officials say children should never be around lit fireworks without the supervision of a parent or guardian. And for those who like to grill out, make sure you’re using an appropriate amount of lighter fluid and only use the charcoal when it’s ready.

Frankie Jones, Chief of the Alderson Volunteer Fire Department said to be smart and vigilant when using all of these hazardous materials.

“Also, the fire safety of that is making sure where you’re at is away from structures and things that could perhaps catch on fire and making sure you’re just alert and situational awareness of that,” Jones said.

Jones added if you do suffer severe burns from a firework or grilling, call 911.