(WOWK) — If you are from West Virginia, it is likely that you have heard the legend of the Mothman.

The red-eyed, winged creature was first reportedly spotted in 1966 in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, and has perplexed many people for decades. Left with questions, some people have taken to the World Wide Web to get answers.

According to the website AnswerThePublic, here are the top web searches about Mothman:


Can …

  • Can you kill Mothman?
  • Can you kill the wise Mothman?

What …

  • What is Mothman in Riverdale?
  • What is Mothman Fallout 76?
  • What is Mothman movie about?
  • What are Mothman eggs for?
  • What is Mothman weak to?
  • What would Mothman do? Etsy

How …

  • How to fight Mothman?
  • How many Mothman movies are there?
  • How did Mothman end?
  • How does Mothman Prophecies end?
  • How does Mothman movie end?
  • How does Mothman end?
  • How to find Mothman Fallout 76?
  • How to watch Mothman Prophecies?
  • How to draw Mothman?

Is/Are …

  • Are Mothman Prophecies on Netflix?
  • Is Mothman in Fallout 76?
  • Is Mothman real?
  • Is Mothman public domain?
  • Is Mothman on Netflix?
  • Are Mothman Prophecies scary?
  • Is Mothman Jeepers Creepers?
  • Is Mothman trademarked?

When …

  • When is Mothman Festival 2022?
  • When did the Mothman Festival start?
  • When did the Mothman bridge collapse?
  • When was Mothman last seen?

Where …

  • Mothman, where to watch?
  • Where is Mothman Festival?
  • Where is Mothman Fallout 76?
  • Where does Mothman spawn Fallout 76?
  • Where was Mothman filmed?
  • Where is Mothman Museum Fallout 76?
  • Where is Mothman Prophecies streaming?
  • Where was Mothman movie filmed?

Who …

  • Who is Mothman in Riverdale?
  • Who voices Mothman in Inside Job?
  • Who plays Mothman in Inside Job?
  • Who is Mothman in Miraculous?
  • Who played Mothman?
  • Who streams Mothman Prophecies?
  • Who is Mothman Cyanide and Happiness?
  • Who is the Mothman in The Magicians?

Why …

  • Why did Mothman go insane?


For …

  • Mothman for model gun
  • Mothman statue for sale
  • Mothman mask for sale
  • Mothman items for sale
  • Mothman paintings for sale
  • Mothman movie for sale
  • Beans for Mothman
  • Simping for Mothman

Is …

  • Mothman is real and he’s my boyfriend
  • Mothman is my copilot
  • ‘Mothman is real’ bumper sticker
  • Mothman is my boyfriend

Near …

  • Mothman near me
  • Hotels near Mothman Museum
  • Restaurants near Mothman Museum
  • Hotels near Mothman Festival
  • Food near Mothman Museum

To …

  • Mothman to the tune of YMCA
  • Mothman to YMCA
  • Mothman where to watch
  • Mothman goes to school
  • Mothman answers to no one
  • Mothman prophecies where to watch
  • Directions to Mothman Museum
  • Mothman movie where to watch

With …

  • Mothman with Richard Gere
  • Mothman with a gun
  • Defeat Mothman with Sophie
  • Commune with Mothman


And …

  • Mothman and beans
  • Mothman and bridge collapse
  • Mothman and the Thunderbirds
  • Mothman and The Tick
  • Mothman and Jeepers Creepers

Like …

  • Mothman like movies
  • Movies like Mothman Prophecies Reddit

Vs …

  • Mothman vs Batman
  • Mothman vs Slenderman
  • Mothman vs Battle Wiki
  • Mothman vs Godzilla
  • Mothman vs Mothra
  • Mothman vs Siren Head
  • Skunkator vs Mothman

Bonus: Mothman Related Searches

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  • Mothman tattoo

To view a full list of web searches about Mothman, visit the website for AnswerThePublic.