HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) — Many families across the country are struggling during the baby formula shortage, and now, some Tri-State organizations are stepping up to help out.

Lily’s Place and the Children’s Home Society of West Virginia are just two of those organizations.

“We are trying to be a resource for these folks and try to calm them in this time of need and also be the agency who seeks out those resources so that we can then help these folk as they come to us,” said Diana Lucas, Regional Director for the Children’s Home Society of West Virginia.

The organizations said they have already begun receiving calls from people asking about their stock, and they have been proving the formula to mothers for free.

“We’ve gotten a lot of calls just from past families that we’ve served and even beyond that — just people that know of us just calling to see if we have formula,” said Katie Yankey, Clinical Coordinator for Lily’s Place.

Both organizations said any mother in need can simply reach out to them, and some of the mothers in the area say they appreciate the help, as this is a scary time.

“When we went [to the store] the other day, and there was like nothing,” said mother, Chayenne Scott. “There was maybe some liquids, but like no powder at all. And it’s just crazy and sad because babies need that. Like, not everybody can breastfeed, and so that’s not a good argument.”

The Children’s Home Society also said they are seeking more donations so they can continue to have the product to distribute to families.