FRANKFORT, KY (FOX 56) – A tribute took place in Frankfort on Wednesday for the Floyd County officers who died and others who were injured in a June 30 shooting.

During a morning committee meeting, lawmakers heard additional details about the tragic shooting.

Several Floyd County leaders were in attendance as they honored those who lost their lives and others who are still trying to recover.

The Floyd County Constable Gary Wolfe talked about the night and remembered his fallen comrades.

“And they was no better – no finer people that you could meet anywhere, they wouldn’t care. You seen what they done – If they knew it was going to be a shootout – inaudible – they would back anybody anywhere – I mean you couldn’t ask for nobody any better than them. Only thing I know I got, heard it on the radio, they was under heavy fire and I went to them and everything just went haywire,” said Wolfe.

Four plaques were presented to Floyd County leaders.

Lance Storz is accused of killing Deputy William Petry, Police Cpt. Ralph Frasure, Officer Jacob Chaffins and K-9 Officer Drago.

Storz’s arraignment is set for Aug. 1, 2022, at 1 p.m.