CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Since the pandemic started, it’s been hard to find workers for many businesses. One of those businesses is trucking. There simply are not enough drivers to meet the supply and demand for many stores.

When you’re driving down the highway, you may pass almost a dozen trucks and think there may not be a shortage of drivers, but there is.

“I can’t find anything more important than truck driving because our goods and services are depended upon it, and our very lives are depended on safe drivers,” Bud Anderson, who owns a Driving School said.

The lack of drivers is part of the reason people are finding empty shelves at the grocery stores week after week since the rise of COVID-19 even though stores are ordering the items.

“You get mad at the people because they don’t have your favorite brand of whatever food and toilet paper. It’s not the people at the store’s fault, and it’s not really the truckers’ fault because they’re doing all they can do,” Anderson said.

There are safety regulations set in place to ensure the safety of the truck driver.

“They can only drive so many hours per day and with GPS now, we have the ability to know whether or not a particular truck and driver are driving more than is safe,” Anderson said.

If you’re thinking about maybe becoming a driver, there are some things you need.

“You have to have a good, valid driver’s license and of course no DUIs and things like that, and you have to pass the CDL license.”

The West Virginia legislature has considered dropping the age from 21 to 18 for the CDL license to find more truck drivers.