CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — Two West Virginia cities are among the “neediest cities” in the United States, according to a WalletHub study.

WalletHub analyzed 182 U.S. cities on emotional well-being as well as health and safety. Officials used data from 28 key indicators of economic disadvantages, such as child poverty, food insecurity, uninsured rates, and more.

Note: A No. 1 rank is the neediest city. In individual categories, a No. 1 rank means the worst conditions.

WalletHub found that Huntington, West Virginia, is the 23rd neediest city in the U.S. Huntington’s emotional well-being rank is No. 38, and its health and safety rank is No. 16. Huntington’s total needy score is 50.90, according to WalletHub.

Huntington was also ranked as the No. 1 city with the highest adult poverty rate.

Charleston, West Virginia, ranked No. 98 on the neediest cities list, according to WalletHub. The study found that Charleston’s emotional well-being rank is No. 118, and its health and safety rank is No. 58. Charleston’s total needy score is 41.93, WalletHub found.

Charleston did not top additional lists for individual categories of economic disadvantage.

To view WalletHub’s full list of “2022’s Neediest Cities,” click here.