SOUTH POINT, OH (WOWK) – The creators of an online gaming universe called “Heroes League” visited Burlington Elementary School in South Point, Ohio.

The creators got the students involved as they held a rally to promote the game. They also unveiled a “classroom greenhouse,” which is a small version of a regular greenhouse that will be set up in the school’s cafeteria.

School officials say the greenhouse will help supplement student learning and be reflected virtually in the online game.

“One thing about school is it needs to be fun,” said Tom Reed, director of data and research at the Educational Service Center of Central Ohio. “Student engagement is all about fun and when kids are enjoying what they’re doing, they’re more likely to engage in the work. When they engage in the work, their brains are engaged and it helps build skills for them to do what they need to do.”

The students said they had a great time at the event.