WAYNE COUNTY, WV (WOWK) — There are many people in our region dealing with power outages due to the recent snowstorm in the Tri-State.

According to Appalachian Power, Monday evening saw 17,000 people with power. Around 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, 9,000 customers were still without power. Counties most affected include Lincoln, Wayne, and Kanawha.

More than 1,000 linemen with Appalachian Power are out trying to get the power back on.

People in Wayne County say in some areas, power outages are just seen as common occurrences. However, after last year’s ice storm, they say they are prepared but frustrated that it keeps happening.

Nicole Price, a mother of four children in Wayne County, says she’s never lived in a place with as many power outages. She lost power at her home and homestead business, Old Blossom Homestead.

“They like to raise, you know, our prices every now and then and we pay a lot more here than we have at any other, with any other electric company we’ve ever had and it goes out more here,” Price says.

Price says they lost power for nearly two days. Luckily, she says they have a woodstove and a generator, so they were able to keep warm in their living room and run space heaters to the other rooms.

Perley McSweeney, another Wayne County resident who lost power for the same length of time, says he has three generators to keep his house warm when this happens. However, the gas needed to run the generators can sometimes get expensive.

On top of that, McSweeney says there is another concern when the lights go out:

“When the electric goes off, the phone will stay on probably ten to 15 minutes, and then all of it goes out.”

This is a common concern for those in Wayne County, as they tell 13 News they worry about how they would get help in an emergency there without it.

Appalachian Power says they estimate everyone in Wayne County should have their power back on Tuesday evening.