CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — A public hearing wrapped up Monday afternoon at the West Virginia State Capitol regarding the controversial abortion bill making its way through the West Virginia House of Delegates.

If approved, it would ban most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy with some exceptions for the health of the mother.

Experts say this bill is very similar to the one passed in Mississippi and is now at the United States Supreme Court. If the court upholds this bill, it would be much tougher to get an abortion after the fifteenth week.

The only exceptions to the 15-week rule would be in cases of medical emergencies or of severe fetal abnormality. If a medical professional intentionally violates the law, they could lose their medical license.

“I had an abortion and I was called a murderer. Other women were called murderers for having abortions. We don’t deserve those stigmatisms, and we don’t deserve to be called those names,” said Rosemary Winland, against the bill.

“It was stated in the committee that abortion might be a better option than foster care, and I am a product of the foster care system here in West Virginia, and I was brought up in that system. I was adopted by a loving family, and I think there are better ways,” said Tony Hodge, for the bill.

The bill was passed by the health committee and is being reviewed by the judiciary committee. If the judiciary committee passes this bill, it will most likely move on to the house.