KANAWHA COUNTY, WV (WOWK) — West Virginia Division of Highway crews were out in the Kanawha City area repairing potholes before the weather gets too bad.

They call the process “milling and patching.” They are trying to get the most work done they can before the asphalt plants shut down for winter.

Potholes are a chronic problem on MacCorkle Avenue. That is why Clifton Landers and his crew are out trying to make travel a little less bumpy.

“This is our finished hole. We mill it then we put the tack in the holes. Then we come through and put the asphalt and then we rough rake it, finish rake it and then we roll it out,” Landers explained.

Crews are racing against the weather to do the most patching they can in the longest lasting way possible. Right now they still have access to what is called Hot Patch to better fill the holes. But once temperatures drop they’ll only have access to the less effective Cold Patch.

“The real little holes we are not that concerned about right now,” he said. “But the bigger holes we are trying to get them grinded and filled in before winter sets in, in case the asphalt plant shuts down. Because once it shuts down we won’t be able to get asphalt so that is mainly what we are trying to key in on right now.”

He said asphalt plants in the area typically shutdown early to mid December. As they race against the clock crews are asking motorists to give them space to work and keep everyone safe.