HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – The West Virginia Division of Highways’ District 2 officials hosted an open house in Huntington this morning to discuss upcoming projects.

District 2 of the WVDOH maintains the roadways in Mingo, Logan, Lincoln, Wayne and Cabell counties, and are currently in the midst of projects such as work on Hal Greer Boulevard and Buffalo Creek Road. The district has a maintenance budget of $33 million. Officials met this morning, Tuesday, May 9, to discuss plans for upcoming projects as well as ongoing projects.

They say the event’s goal was to make sure all project leaders are on the same page.

“It’s crucial simply because, I mean, everybody wants to know where their money’s going,” says Joe Pack, chief engineer of district operations. “And so that’s what this is, in effect, doing. And it’s also letting everybody know that we do have plans on how we’re going to conduct business. We don’t simply show up every morning and say, ‘Okay, where’s a pothole? What ditch line needs cleaned?’ We have specific plans, and we allow them to have the information to our external website so that they can pass it on to their constituents to do follow-ups or simply look and see what our plans are. So, they may not even have to call and ask a question.”