CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK)—Online and kiosk renewals are back up and running for West Virginia’s DMV.

DMV Commissioner Everett Frazier said in a press release that driver’s license and vehicle registration renewals are back online at the service portal at and at kiosk locations throughout the state.

The release says that a mainframe outage is still affecting other services like title work and driver record updates.

The DMV says they will continue to provide updates as they deal with their mainframe issues.

A spokesperson from Gov. Justice’s administration says that the cause of the mainframe outage was a physical hardware failure and not the result of any outside attack. The spokesperson tells 13 News that it was a failure of a fiber card. Parts had to be overnighted, and technicians had to fly in because the system is antiquated, and only a few specialists understand how to fix it.

We spoke with several drivers and while some say they can get by until this problem is fixed, but there are others who are counting down the days until all the DMV services are restored.

21-year-old Christopher Knuckles says he would like to get a new driver’s license ID, but he’s more concerned about a need that’s affecting his job.

“It’s just a six by twelve utility trailer, I use it for work and stuff, but the plate fell off, so I need to get a new one. I can’t move it and if I do I get pulled over because I don’t have a license plate on it,” Knuckles says.

This is also affecting new drivers as well. Several high school students who were practicing for their driving tests in Putnam County say they were told they couldn’t get their license printed until this issue is fixed.

A DMV representative says their offices are still open and right now they’re trying to meet people’s needs as best they can.