ST. ALBANS, WV (WOWK) – The St. Albans Fire Department hosted a demonstration to remind everyone about the importance of Christmas tree safety.

The fire department lit two Christmas trees on fire in a secured demonstration, the first of which had not been watered for two weeks. That tree quickly went up in flames due to how dry it was.

The second tree did catch fire, but because it had been properly watered, was not as flammable and did not burn quite as quickly.

The St. Albans FD says it is important to take proper care of your Christmas tree to make sure your holidays are merry and bright in all of the right ways.

“The stand should always be full of water, so every day, check the water of your tree,” says City of St. Albans Fire Marshal Lieutenant Chris Collins. “Make sure the stand is full. It shouldn’t even be half way down. make sure it is always full of water and that should be checked every day.”

Officials say when you water your tree, you should make sure to use cold water, and never allow the water in your tree stand to fall below the tree base. Water the tree daily and do not use any additives, fire officials say.