CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – When West Virginians head to the ballot in a few weeks they will vote on an issue that deals with their tax dollars. It is called Amendment 2.

Republican Governor Jim Justice is against the amendment. But the Republican senate leadership in West Virginia is for it.

Justice was joined by Kanawha County Commission President Kent Carper and others at the Kanawha County Courthouse Tuesday afternoon speaking out against Amendment 2.

But the senate leadership in West Virginia says not everything the opposition is saying is exactly true.

Senate President Craig Blair said Justice and Revenue Secretary Dave Hardy are misleading the public. Blair says the amendment would eliminate the property tax on personal vehicles as well as eliminate property taxes on business machinery, equipment and inventory. Instead Justice and Hardy are pushing for a cut of income taxes in the state which they say will help West Virginians, without taking money away from places like emergency services and education.

“It is asking you the people of West Virginia to amend the constitution and give it to the legislature and take away your guaranteed, in your hand, baked in the constitution revenue stream and hand it to the West Virginia Legislature,” said Revenue Secretary Dave Hardy.

Blair said Amendment 2 actually gives money back to the people.

“We’ve controlled spending in the government. The governor has been with us in doing that. I think this is a fight on how to spend the money and frankly I want to give it back to the people of West Virginia. I want to make it so the businesses in West Virginia, small businesses in particular, actually see those resources,” said Blair, (R) Berkeley.

Education leaders including teachers union representatives are also opposed to the legislation. They believe it will take away millions of dollars in resources available for education. Blair said money will still be available for education it’ll just be flowing a different way.

Voters have a little time to dig deeper and form their own opinions about Amendment 2. The General Election is November 8.