BARBOURSVILLE, WV (WOWK) — West Virginia hunting season officially starts Monday, Nov. 21, and some firearm shops across the Tri-State say they are not seeing as much traffic in what would typically be their “peak” season.

Tim Koletka, owner of T.I.K. Guns and Ammo L.L.C. in Barboursville credits the slower traffic he has seen to multiple variables.

“Well, it’s been a little bit light,” Koletka says. “I believe the purchases have been slowed down because of the economy. Also, over the years as I have watched this, it looks like our younger generation just isn’t getting involved as much in hunting as some of the previous generations are.”

He says going into this season, because of the supply chain shortage, he did not think he would have enough supply for the typically high demand and says normally his phone would be “ringing off the hook” with people “looking for various, hard-to-get, and even some of the common hunting rounds.”

Other shop owners say they have seen this same trend and that around this time they would typically have to place more orders and restock.

They say with the peak of the season being this slow, they are not sure what to expect in the coming weeks.