CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – A state college is offering new options for those in the health care industry to further their education. West Virginia Junior College has a new ‘mobile nursing lab’ as part of their 18-month hybrid online associate nursing program.

The mobile lab features two real-life mannequins that move and talk to display real-life situations.
The CEO of the college, Chad Callen, says the lab is all about delivering education to rural communities in the state.

“This program delivers the education right to the students. You see rural students they don’t really want to leave their rural communities but their forced to because they don’t have access to education so this model allows us to bring it to the student.”

Chad Callen, CEO, West Virginia Junior College

The mobile nursing lab will be accessible in 19 counties in the state and has the potential to reach 400,000 rural community members.