CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — Everyone needs a good night’s sleep, but not everyone in the Tri-State area gets enough.

According to a study by Diamond Rehab Thailand, people from West Virginia and Kentucky are ranked second and third and Ohio is ranked seventh on a list of the most sleepless states.

The study says 39.2% of West Virginia adults, 38.6% of Kentucky adults and 35.5% of Ohio adults say they have less than seven hours of sleep.

It says the most sleepless state is Hawaii, with 39.4% of adults saying they do not get enough sleep.

Here are the top 10 most sleepless states, according to the study:

RankStatePercentage that reports not getting enough sleep
2West Virginia39.2%
7 (tie)Ohio35.5%
7 (tie)Pennsylvania35.5%
9 (tie)Arkansas35%
9 (tie)Mississippi35%
Table Courtesy: Diamond Rehab Thailand

According to the study, Diamond Rehab Thailand used information from the United Health Foundation’s American Health Rankings and the CDC Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System 2020 to rank the states.