LOGAN COUNTY, WV (WOWK)—A man was arrested after deputies say that he posted threats on Facebook.

According to a criminal complaint, the Logan County Sheriff’s Office received a complaint that 49-year-old Ryan Vankovich, of Stollings, made threats on the social media platform. One of the posts said, “Some ppl just have to learn stuff the hard way n they are all bout to. U hear me ppl. U know who u are. The fun start tomorrow at 9am. Be ready is all I can say. It’s gonna storm on you hard.”

The complaint also said that Vankovich had made several calls to Logan County 911, and officers received a complaint from a victim saying that Vankovich kept driving past her home honking his horn.

Vankovich was arrested and charged with making terroristic threats. He is being held at the Southwest Regional Jail.