SMITHERS, WV (WOWK) – The West Virginia National Guard brought trucks and equipment to help flood victims in Smithers clean up Wednesday after also assisting in Campbells Creek.

The small community of Smithers was one of the hardest hit areas in last week’s historic flooding and will need a lot of help cleaning up and moving forward.

The National Guard says neighbors will need to get debris out of their homes and move it to the curbs or edge of the road. If your yard is too close to the road, you’ll have to sign a liability waiver to let the guard come on your property to get the debris. The guard also says not to put regular garbage in the pile and also to not let friends or family bring things to add to the pile.

Joseph Hubbard, who has been a Pastor at the Smithers Church of God, says their church is completely destroyed. He says it’s been a tough process cleaning everything up, “You work hard all your life you buy things, you have personal possessions, keepsakes, things that you’re sentimental about, and it’s all gone. A lot of these houses & especially up the road here a little further some of the houses are total losses.” 

Hubbard says he’s grateful for the community’s support but doesn’t plan to rebuild the church at its current location.

“We’re not alone in this but just need the prayers and thoughts of the community. Anybody that can help. Most of these people didn’t have flood insurance, we didn’t have flood insurance so we need all the help we can get,” says Hubbard.

Several members of the Smithers community say they’ve dealt with flooding like this in 2001. The National Guard will be collecting the debris tomorrow, after assessing damage today.