EDITOR’S NOTE: This article contains graphic imagery.

CABELL COUNTY, WV (WOWK) – Residents in Cabell County say they are concerned after several alleged racially-charged incidents have occurred recently, including one in a company work truck.

A viewer – who wanted to remain anonymous – sent in an image of what looks to be a black statue with a rope around its neck hanging on the back of a company work truck.

The person who took the photo says they were initially stunned by what they saw and says they were even more shocked to see it was a company truck.

West Virginia residents on alert after alleged racially-charged incidents over the weekend

“I did speak with the gentleman on the passenger side of the vehicle and one of the comments was he knew what was in the back, he thought it was just a stone figure that he was taking to his house. And I was like, ‘it has a black face on it with a rope around its neck,’ and his reply was he was just trying to secure it so it didn’t fall out the back to the truck,” the viewer said.

They said they don’t think it’s a reflection on the company, but they would like to see something done.

“Things like that can motivate evil. For a business to put that on display it says we don’t even want you working for us. Like who would want to go there? And then as a middle-class, African American, I’m the Appalachian region I can attest that everybody is not like that,” that viewer explained.

The Cabell County Sheriff’s Office says they have looked into this incident and determined it wasn’t a hate crime because it wasn’t directed at anyone.

We reached out to the company for a comment on this and haven’t heard back from them just yet.

The other incident happened Saturday in downtown Huntington after a small group of people gathered for what appeared to be a white nationalist rally.