CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — West Virginia has rested its case in a major opioid trial.

The state is suing Teva pharmaceutical and Allergan, alleging the two companies flooded the state with opioid pills. A third company, Janssen Pharmaceutical, has already settled the suit out of court and agreed to pay $99 million to the state.

Attorney General Patrick Morrisey accuses the companies of deceptive marketing practices, including sales reps who told doctors the drugs were not addictive.

“A lot of people got hooked on those drugs and then many of those same individuals then went on fentanyl and heroin and other types of products and that’s what really helped spawn the opioid epidemic. So, we think the evidence is strong,” said Morrisey.

The Attorney General says he’s still willing to settle out of court with Teva and Allergan.

Attorneys for the companies suggest doctors are to blame for over-prescribing pills, and say patients misused the medications. The defense is now presenting its case.