CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — Shoppers may need a little extra money to get the items on their family’s wish list this Christmas. And, if they are like many people, they may be planning to look for a seasonal job to get some extra cash.

According to job hunting websites, the number of searches for seasonal jobs​ in September was up more than 30% over the same timeframe in 2021. The National Retail Federation says the expectation is that retailers across the country will hire fewer seasonal workers than last year.

The West Virginia Retailers Association said the Mountain State will likely go the opposite direction with many retailers currently hiring for the holidays.

“This is uncharted territory that we are in in 2022,” said Bridget Lambert, President of the West Virginia Retailers Association.”The labor shortage is reflected in West Virginia like across the country with everyone looking for employees. If you are out in West Virginia right now, go to the local mall and you’ll see signs all along the roadway saying they are hiring.”

She said many restaurants are also looking for seasonal workers.

Lambert said consumers started shopping earlier this year and so retailers started hiring for seasonal jobs as early as August.