CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK)—The West Virginia Board of Education has voted to take over the Logan County School System immediately.

The state board of education is reviewing an investigation of the local school system which turned up 46 areas of non-compliance with state standards.

The Logan Board of Education and the Superintendent’s office have been accused of misuse of federal education funds, improper travel expenses, and personal behavior by some leaders that created a hostile work environment.

“As far as the financial situation, we will probably bring in other agencies to look at that and make sure everything is the way it is supposed to be,” said David Roach, WV Superintendent of Schools.

The allegations further include public dollars funneled to a private school; the Logan County School Board holding 78 hours of meetings in private; and, that there was inadequate help for special needs students.

“I think the most serious is when students are not receiving their needs like the special needs students, were not receiving what they deserve and that was alarming to me. The most alarming of all,” said Superintendent Roach.

“Seeing the toxic culture that had developed in Logan County. Seeing the programs that had fallen through the cracks. The kids that had fallen through the cracks. Our special needs kids who weren’t getting the attention that they needed,” said WV Board of Education member Stansbury.

The state board of education went into executive session for more than an hour and will immediately take over the Logan schools.

They also declared the superintendent’s office vacant and appointed former Boone County Superintendent Jeff Huffman to the spot held by Patricia Lucas.

She will now serve as the assistant superintendent.

Earlier this week, the assistant superintendent Darlene Dingess-Adkins’ retirement was granted.

Click here to see the full Special Circumstance Report from the state board of education.