CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — “I think a good old-fashioned snow day is warranted, every now and then,” said Superintendent Ryan Saxe, Cabell County Schools.

Kanawha County Schools says their district has five traditional snow days built into their schedule. Cabell County Schools has six.

“One of the things that our teachers had to do was teach remotely, and so then that brings about, okay we can teach remotely, why do we need to make up days at the end of the year,” said Superintendent Tom Williams, Kanawha County Schools.

Williams says any more delays following the traditional snow days include remote learning. The district has only used one traditional snow day so far. These traditional snow days will not have to be made up.

“They have their own iPads and we provide hotspots for those students who aren’t able to have internet in their home,” said Williams.

Even with access to iPads and mobile hotspots, severe weather can interrupt these connections. Saxe explains weather can be a determining factor between a traditional snow day versus a remote learning snow day.

“We had some areas that did not have internet service, the internet had gone out, as well as power outages. When you have internet outages and power outages, that makes it very difficult for that at home learning to take place,” said Saxe.

Although both school districts say safety is a top priority and concern when deciding on a snow day.

“We consider what we need to do to have school when we have potential inclement weather, we’re always trying to make decisions on what’s going to be the safest and possible for our students and employees,” said Saxe.