HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – As the temperature continues to drop, the weather becomes almost unbearable especially for the homeless in our community.

At one of the shelters Tuesday morning, residents were lined up to get a warm meal and just to find a place to sit; and one couple said bracing these below-freezing conditions hasn’t been the easiest thing.

“‘It’s rough, it’s rough.’ His heart is not even working full percent and he’s gotta push me through the snow. It’s hard. He’s not even supposed to be in the cold. ‘It is what it is, what am I supposed to do? I gotta keep going. No one’s going to give me anything,’”

The Salsburys, a homeless couple

The couple says – being displaced – they’ve found resources within the community.

“We had some bad luck in our lives and we lost a lot of stuff and we had nowhere else to turn. And I just mentioned one day go to the Harmony House,” said the Salsburys. “Within like just a few days, not even two weeks, they housed us.”

“If you need housing, they got housing for you. If you need temporary housing for disabled, they can help you. Clothes, like my wife said food, even dog food for animals,” said the Salsburys.

The Huntington City Mission is another organization stretching resources to make it easier on those residents by increasing meals and bed availability.

“We only have 20 cots, but we’ve been averaging between 20-25 people every night. Sometimes people will get up in the middle of the night and let their friend come in and get a space. But certainly, since it has gotten much colder we have been at capacity plus every night,” says Mitchell Webb, the Executive Director for the Huntington City Mission.

He says they served over 180,000 meals last year and they’re only expecting those numbers to rise.

The mission – although at capacity – is also still encouraging anyone in need to come visit as they’re happy to help residents get back on their feet.

Following the increased need, they say they also always welcome volunteers. Anyone interested can click here.