CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – So what do we know about the alleged shooter Joshua Marcellus Phillips?

What we’ve learned we’ve found in the West Virginia Criminal Court System and on Phillips social media page.

The alleged suspect, 38-year-old Joshua Phillips got in a disagreement with his brother, the police were called. He left the scene only to be spotted by police a short distance away.

He was pulled over for and officers discovered he was driving on a suspended license related to a DUI in January of this year. But Phillips had a history with Charleston Police.

In June of 2019, according to a criminal complaint, Phillips was charged with brandishing a weapon after getting into an argument with a neighbor. According to the report, police were called when Phillips secured a long gun and, in the reports words, was racking a shot gun. It turned out later the weapon was an AK-47.

Phillips passion for firearms can be seen on his Facebook page which shows two Remington 45-caliber handguns – one with the image of the grim reaper on the hand grip.

In January of this year, Phillips was stopped by police and was found to be driving on a revoked license due to a previous DUI. authorities also found Phillips had at least four outstanding unpaid citations dating back to 2016.

On the day officer Cassie Johnson was shot – Phillips was out of jail on bond for the revoked license.