HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) — Saying a festival stinks most times would be far from a compliment, but at The Wild Ramps Annual Stinkfest, it’s exactly what they want to hear!

“It’s a celebration of all things ramps,” said The Wild Ramps marketing and programming coordinator, Dawn Nolan. “We have ramp dinner happening, ramp food products, ramparoni rolls, ramp ice cream. We also have artisan food vendors, as well as food trucks musical entertainment and all.”

Ramps are a wild onion and the springtime staple sold out in just under two hours.

“I don’t know much about ramps. We made some, brought them and they seem to be a big hit. Big hit, everybody loves ramps,” said local business owners, Connie and Rick Martin.

This festival is about more than just the Appalachian vegetable, the whole cause is to support local businesses.

“It’s helping your neighbor,” said Nolan. “If you’re spending your dollars locally, you are supporting a local business. I mean, you’re not supporting a big box chain, you’re supporting the person down the street, the farmer down the street, or the artist that’s retired.”

Local vendors say they are appreciative of all the community support, as many took a hit during the pandemic.

“You know, this is my livelihood and if the shows are canceled, you’re not making any money,” said local business owner, Ginger Harmon. “It’s just good to get out and meet everybody. The best thing about it is when people taste my products and they say, ‘oh, that’s so good.’ It’s such a compliment, so we meet people from all over.”

First-timers at the festival say this won’t be their last.

“It’s wonderful,” said Stink Fest attendee, Debbie Gue. “This is community. It’s local, it’s exciting. We will definitely be back. Don’t miss the next one.”