CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — An income tax break could be coming to most workers in West Virginia. But is it enough for those who may need it most?

The bill took a big step forward Tuesday but is it about to hit a roadblock?

The House of Delegates Finance Committee passed a bill that will cut income taxes by about 10%, for most West Virginians.

The cuts were requested by Governor Jim Justice.

Below is a chart detailing tax cuts by income level under the proposed plan:

Amount Made by IndividualPercentage Cut
$0 to $10,00033% tax cut
$10,000 to $25,00019% tax cut
$25,000 to $40,00016% tax cut
$40,000 to $60,00011% tax cut
More than $60,0009% tax cut

Still, the sides are divided on whether the plan is really fair.

“From the time Governor Justice has been here, until now, we’ve been able to create mass revenues. And you know, that’s taxpayer’s money, and you know we should be giving it back to them. We shouldn’t hoard it as a government,” said Del. Zach Maynard, (R) Lincoln.

“I’ve got an issue with a bill that gives thousands of dollars of tax breaks to the wealthiest West Virginians while doing very little for people who need it most,” said Del. Evan Hansen, (D) Monongalia.

Others weighed in, too.

“I support the governor’s bill to reduce income taxes immediately. I think it’s the immediate help that West Virginians are looking for and hoping for. And I look forward to supporting the governor’s initiative to reduce taxes,” said Del. Mike Honaker, (R) Greenbrier.

“I would like to see it even more fair. And I am going to be sponsoring an amendment on the floor that changes those percentages and makes it, in my opinion, more fair,” said Del. John Doyle, (D) Jefferson.

It is possible the full House will vote on the tax cut bill Wednesday, and with a Republican super majority, it probably has enough votes to pass. But it faces an uncertain future in the State Senate.

For now, the priority in the Senate is to cut property taxes and reduce the business and inventory tax.

Some worry you can’t cut the state income tax at the same time, as cutting property taxes.