WEST VIRGINIA (WOWK) — Many West Virginians believe the woods and mountains are home to cryptids such as Mothman or the Flatwoods Monster. So, it is no surprise that Mountain State residents have also reported possible Bigfoot sightings over the years.

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization documents reported sightings in each state. According to the data, the three West Virginia counties with the most Bigfoot sightings are Pendleton, Randolph and Pocahontas.

In Pendleton County, there are 14 Bigfoot sightings reported. The first was in November 1994 when cave explorers had bizarre experiences while camping in the Seneca Creek backcountry. The most recent was in November 2012 when hunters said they possibly heard voices and saw a large head peaking behind boulders near Franklin.

There are 10 reported Bigfoot sightings in Randolph County. In November 1989, two people first reported seeing the creature while they were hunting in treestands near Elkwater. Most recently in the county, a fisherman said he saw Bigfoot about six miles from Elkins in July 2017.

Eight Bigfoot sightings have been reported in Pocahontas County. The first was a daylight sighting reported by a person deer hunting near the Greenbrier River in November 1969. The most recent was a September 2016 report from motorists traveling near the Cranberry Mountain Nature Center.

There are two sightings reported in Kanawha County, which is home to the capital city of Charleston. The first was a Summer 1990 report from a man who said he saw a large, hairy creature near a Marmet cemetery. The second report was from a deer hunter who believed he saw Bigfoot near Cabin Creek in November 2009.

People have also reported possible sightings in many other areas of West Virginia. Below is a table of overall data for each county in the state.

CountyNumber of SightingsMost Recent Sighting
Barbour2March 2006
Berkeley2November 2014
Boone1July 2006
Braxton1~March 1919
Brooke1August 1990
Cabell3June 2001
Calhoun1July 2006
ClayNo dataNo data
DoddridgeNo dataNo data
Fayette3November 2013
GilmerNo dataNo data
GrantNo dataNo data
Greenbrier6September 2014
Hampshire1October 2006
HancockNo dataNo data
HardyNo dataNo data
Harrison1May 1974
Jackson2May 2006
JeffersonNo dataNo data
Kanawha 2November 2009
LewisNo dataNo data
Lincoln1May 2008
Logan1June 1990
Marion2April 1999
MarshallNo dataNo data
Mason1January 2001
McDowell4October 2009
Mercer2July 2006
Mineral3October 2014
MingoNo dataNo data
Monongalia1May 2003
Monroe1August 2007
MorganNo dataNo data
Nicholas6November 2015
Ohio1December 2004
Pendleton14November 2012
PleasantsNo dataNo data
Pocahontas8September 2016
Preston1October 2005
PutnamNo dataNo data
Raleigh4May 2009
Randolph10July 2017
Ritchie2August 2002
RoaneNo dataNo data
Summers2March 2008
TaylorNo dataNo data
Tucker4December 2008
Tyler2December 2005
Upshur1September 2009
Wayne5February 2009
Webster1July 1985
Wetzel1October 2005
WirtNo dataNo data
WoodNo dataNo data
Wyoming2October 2015
(Data from The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization)

Click here to view the full report from The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization.