ELEANOR, WV (WOWK) — Why did the turkey cross the road? To celebrate Thanksgiving in the town of Eleanor, West Virginia!

A wild turkey named “Ellie” has been recently spotted in Eleanor, and several residents have posted photos and videos online. People who have come across Ellie are delighted but also concerned for her safety around cars and humans.

PigPig of St. Albans, a local pet rescue group, said Ellie has taken up residence near Town Hall. Locals told PigPig she wanders around, roosts in nearby trees, and has even required police to stop traffic to help her cross the road.

“Traffic at a dead stop in the middle of town to let her cross,” Jessy Vance posted on Facebook about Ellie. (Photo courtesy of Jessy Vance)

Eleanor Mayor Cam Clendenin even posted on his official Facebook page about Ellie on Oct. 27. He joked he may have to pardon the turkey to keep her safe if she stays in the area during November.

“I know that I don’t have the ability to pardon anyone (or any animal) but if Ellie the Town Hall Turkey sticks around through November, we may have to make an exception so she doesn’t end up on a dinner table this Thanksgiving,” Mayor Clendenin wrote.

Other locals also took to Facebook to talk about Ellie, posting photos and videos of her roaming around town. Town residents said other places she wanders include Cypress Street, Beech Grove Cemetery, people’s backyards, outside of Fruth Pharmacy, and more!

When PigPig of St. Albans and Mayor Clendenin both made Facebook statuses about Ellie, hundreds of people were delighted and liked, commented, and shared the posts. At the same time, locals are concerned about Ellie’s safety in the streets and around humans, especially with frosty, slippery roads coming soon and hunting season already in full swing.

Several commenters on the Facebook post expressed their concern, asking if anyone could go rescue Ellie. Some locals even offered to take her in once rescuers can get her. Mayor Clendenin publicly commented on the post that he is in favor of anyone rescuing Ellie and moving her to a safer place, as long as it is done legally. To be clear, the Mayor is concerned for Ellie’s safety, and he did not endorse entrapping nor killing the turkey.

“There has been several close calls, and although everyone enjoys seeing her, I’d say having her relocated would be the best thing,” the Mayor said.

Locals told 13 News that the town loves Ellie, and they are trying to create a rescue plan for her in accordance with wild animal regulations. Rescuers also said they are only trying to help the creature, not entrap it as a pet or kill it for food.