PROCTORVILLE, OH (WOWK) – In some parts of the U.S., Christmas trees are expected to be in short supply. When visiting tree farms in the tri-state we found that’s not the case here.

While artificial trees may be more convenient, some say there’s no substitute for the smell and look of a freshly cut tree for the holidays. According to CNN, farmers nationwide could see a widespread shortage.

According to farmers in our area, they say they are continuing business as usual. When asked if he was affected by the shortage, farmer Keith Dickess said “Not here sir, no. We grow our own trees here.”

Dickess also says they are expecting a busy year, but they’re not expected to be sold out.

Black Friday morning, it will be a zoo here because then we’re open every day until Christmas.

Keith Dickess, Dickess Christmas Tree Farm owner

Other farmers are saying the same thing. Local tree farmer Tom Pinkerman and his son Charles have actually seen an uptick in business this past year.

We generally only sell 75 to 100. We sold almost 175 trees last year.

Tom Pinkerman, Pinkerman Tree Farm owner

Pinkerman also says some of the trees in his inventory are harder to find and the ones that are there are going fast. The Eastern White Pine trees are currently low in stock because of destruction from wildlife and some naturally dying off.

As for the other trees, both farmers say they are not getting low in stock.