CHARLESTON, W.V. (WOWK) – If you know anything about George Washington High School, chances are, you’ll recognize this face.

Kalissa Lacy is only a teenager, but has held a basketball in her hands for roughly 14 years.

“When I was four years old,” she said.

Now, Lacy is a stellar student-athlete.

“My dad actually got me into the sport, and got me into the other three sports I do,” said Lacy.

In addition to basketball, Lacy plays soccer, softball, and swimming; and something pretty remarkable happened over the weekend.

“Friday evening we won a state championship in swimming, and Saturday I won player of the year,” said Lacy.

In less than 24 hours, Lacy won both a state title and conference player of the year for two different sports.

“It’s all credit to my teammates and coaches because without them I would not be receiving this,” said Lacy.

“We play in the Mountain State Athletic Conference,” said Head Coach Brian Pratt. “It’s one of the premiere conferences in the state and she’s led it all year in scoring this year, led it in scoring last year.”

Winning state titles and breaking records, all while maintaining above a 4.0 GPA average.

“With the other three sports I play, and getting homework done, and going to practice every day, and having to give it my all, and making sure I have time to rest, it’s definitely a struggle sometimes,” said Lacy.

But she says she’s able to accomplish these high, high goals, thanks to her close support system.

“We just talk about a lot of things,” said Coach Pratt. “Like one game at a time, and not being overwhelmed with too much you know?”

“I have a really good support system,” said Lacy. “My family, teammates, coaches…they always support everything I do and I know they’ll always be there for me.”

Kalissa Lacy has one more year at George Washington High School. After she graduates, she hopes to go on and play basketball at the collegiate level.