KANAWHA COUNTY, WV (WOWK) – The snow and freezing and melting rain consistently on our streets create the perfect storm for a big complaint in our region: We’re talking about potholes. And it’s a problem that’s being seen not only in our Tri-State but across the country.

“We have a lot of tire repairs from the roads conditions, from especially like the salt how it eats the roads up and causes damage,” says Ray Lowers with Garrett Tire in Charleston.

Lowers says it’s the busiest time of the year for tire repairs. “Maybe you’ve hit the pothole on one side, you might damage the front and the rear and then more than likely you’re going to need an alignment.”

But it’s not just Kanawha County or West Virginia that has issues with potholes. Megan Nix is a trucker who travels all across the United States, she says she sees them everywhere.

“Every single state, every single one, and they are deep and they take out our tires every time,” says Nix.

According to AAA, potholes can cost Americans nearly $6.5 billion per year in flat tires, blown shocks, and cracked rims. Some argue there needs to be a more permanent solution.

“A couple of hundred dollars for a wheel. It’s unbelievable how bad it is. And ya know, the cities is [sic] better but you still have a lot of potholes in the cities. When you drive down the road you got to dodge the holes,” said Eric Elkins, a Nicholas County resident.

Lowers says it’s also important to have proper tread on your tires during the winter.