UPDATE (11:40 p.m. on Wednesday, July 13, 2022): Little information from officials is being released after a teenager is struck by a motorcycle on the West End of Huntington.

However, more people who were there that morning are coming forward, including the victim’s boyfriend.

The boyfriend, 15-year-old Caden Elkins says he was with her that morning and has been given permission to share some details about the events that sent her to the hospital and also what her condition is right now.

He tells us they were leaving the Sheetz gas station near 18th Street West after getting food.

They were crossing Adams Avenue when a person he believes was speeding on a supersport motorbike hit her at the edge of the sidewalk. This was near the bingo hall, across from the Sheetz.

He also confirms she lost a foot on impact. As of Wednesday night, the girl is still recovering in the hospital but is listed in stable condition.

“She’s had surgery on, I think, everything that has been broken and she’s sitting up and doing better,” Elkins says.

He also says his girlfriend was pregnant at the time and had to undergo an emergency c-section. The due date was originally October 2022.

Their baby is receiving treatment and is reportedly improving.

As for the person responsible, Elkins says while he’s glad his girlfriend and baby are doing fine, he hopes whoever did this “gets what’s coming for you.”

We’ve been reaching out to the Huntington Police Department, but so far, no information on a suspect is available at this time.

HUNTINGTON, WV (WOWK) – Near the Sheetz gas station along 18th Street West in Huntington, West Virginia, neighbors say they’ve seen a growing number of motorcycle riders and they believe it’s becoming a problem.

In a surveillance video sent to us from one of the neighbors, you can see motorcycles and ATVs circling the parking lot behind the gas station late at night, creating loud noises and waking up local residents.

However, what started as complaints about the noise quickly switched to a concern for safety after July 1st, 2022.

According to Cabell County Dispatch, they received a call that morning around 2 a.m. for a hit and run involving a motorcycle. Those who saw this unfold are starting to come forward, sharing some of the unsettling details.

West End resident Stephanie Heck was sitting at the Sheetz when she says she saw a bike traveling at an alarming speed down the road. It struck a young girl, who she believed to be a teenager.

“She was unfortunate to lose her leg about six inches above the ankle. Whoever did this to a young girl, I would like the police department as much as I can to find them,” heck says, detailing the events of that morning.

Other people claim they saw heck chase after the bike in her van. She did confirm this, but said she was not going to confront the person, but instead report their location to the police.

She also says she was not able to catch up to them but managed to see what kind of motorcycle it was. She claims she’s been working with the Huntington Police Department and will not be releasing the make and model so as not to hinder their investigation.

Other neighbors also say they believe the lack of lighting on the road and the number of stoplights is what is attracting these unwanted visitors.

We’re working to confirm other details in this case, including the victim’s condition and if any arrests have been made. We have also reached out to HPD for an update, but have not heard back.