CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – West Virginians are known for sticking together and helping one another when times get tough. While the coronavirus has put a damper on many small businesses across the Mountain State, a well-known West Side business is getting a few dollars to help them survive the pandemic.

If you couldn’t tell by the name on the front door “Dem 2 Brothers and a Grill” is a family affair, meaning the minute you walk in, you’re treated like family. They are known for the generous portions and the generosity within the community.

“I mean it was rough, we are like family,” owner Adrian “Bay” Wright said. “Everybody knows everybody, we all on a first-name basis. We miss our regulars.”

Now, they are on the receiving end of generosity. Last week, they were given a $10,000 grant from another West Virginia company, Kingsford Charcoal. The restaurant was one of 25 barbecue restaurants chosen for the grant.

“We lost a lot of money,” added Bay’s daughter, Ashley, the general manager of the restaurant. “So we definitely appreciate the help. It has been a huge blessing.”

When the restaurant was forced to close their indoor dining area because of the pandemic, the family business took a serious hit. They’ve stayed busy with take-out orders. But nothing beats the in-person interaction.

“We lost out on fairs and festivals, so many,” Wright said. “I can think of six right off the top of my head in the last two weeks. I mean there is a whole lot of stuff that we missed out on.”

They say the money will really help, especially as they prepare to open the doors to their dining room next week. They will open their doors on Monday, June 15th. They also have plans to bring their food truck out at some of the free movie nights this summer.

“Working and cooking barbecue is what I love doing, so it ain’t nothing to me but I am definitely going to be happy to see my regular customers and I mean we are really excited to get back open to get our family back,” Wright said.