SAINT ALBANS, WV (WOWK) — West Virginia is known as the wild and wonderful Mountain State. But unfortunately, many people do not treat it this way.

The West Virginia Litter Getters is a group founded on their love for the Mountain State. But when trash surrounded these volunteers’ homes, they knew they had to do something.

“I find it really disturbing that it occurs to people to throw garbage out their windows,” said Carolyn Eddins-Outman, a WV Litter Getter Volunteer.

So, in partnership with the Saint Albans Police Department, the Litter Getters held a clean-up day along the Coal River in Saint Albans, an area hit hard by last month’s flood.

“After we have been cleaning that river for months and months…it’s all back,” said Jason Garretson, the founder of the West Virginia Litter Getters.

But this was not their only clean up today.

“We do quite a bit of then. But now I have members of my group doing their own clean-ups,” said Garretson.

The West Virginia Litter Getters was started about a year ago and now has over 700 volunteers apart of their Facebook page.

Which has brought the community together.

“I was so pleased when I found it because I thought I was the only one going around my neighborhood picking up trash,” said Gina Griffith.

Volunteers hope others driving by will see them as an example.

“If they see there’s no trash here maybe they will think, maybe I shouldn’t do that. But I think trash breeds more trash,” said Eddins-Outman.